Saturday, September 20, 2014

An Orange Moon tapped for Chairs for Charity 2014 by Chicago Magazine

Ty & Lynne McDaniel
Owners & Modernist
An Orange Moon

Vintage Mid Century Modern chair designed by Ty & Lynne McDaniel.

Chair name:

"Letters" by Gunnar Aagaard Andersen, designed in Denmark in 1955. 

"Color, texture, funtion, design. An uber-hip salute to a subtle but cool work of "mid century modern art."

Since you asked. This is the Steve Madden boot I wore for this event. Below is a mainstay from my closet, an 80's leather "Biker" jacket. I purchased it new in the 80's. Timeless cool.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Goddess of WOW in the Garden


HUMBOLDT PARK — A pop-up poetry event in the WOW District 
will kicked off Thursday at the historic mural garden. I didn't get 
a chance to "flow" but I danced with the band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goddess of WOW!
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Monday, June 30, 2014

La Chaise Lounge Chair by Charles and Ray Eames

Isn't she a beauty? And besides being a sculptural gem, its really very comfortable! Charles and Ray Eames designed La Chaise in 1948 for a competition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, inspired by ''Floating Figure'', a sculpture by Gaston Lachaise. It is the unbelievable elegance of this assertive seating sculpture that enables any number of sitting and reclining positions, which is so very appealing. It has long since established itself as an icon of organic design. They were truly ahead of the times!

Manufactured by Vitra, one of the preeminent names in European furniture.
Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 34.25 Inches
Overall Width - Side to Side: 59 Inches
Overall Depth - Front to Back: 34.34 Inches

An Orange Moon
2418 W North
Ty & Lynne McDaniel
Founders & Modernists
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312.450.9821 (Furniture Emergency)
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Thursday, June 26, 2014


JULY 10th, 11th, 12th, & 13th, 2014


 The owner, an antiques and art collector for many years, has decided to allow YOU, 1st dibs on many exciting BOOMERANG VINTAGE MODERNE items collected over the years. Many of the pieces in this home are from historic Chicago landmarks. E.g., Excalibur nightclub, Union Station, and many Chicagoland antique shops that are no longer in existence.
Some of the stars of this show are the WESLEY WILLIS & ELMER SANDERS outsider art pieces. You can expect American Mid Century Modern furniture, FOLK ART, 50's vintage blond furniture, LOADS of CHROME, WESLEY WILLIS & ELMER SANDERS paintings, Russell Wright & BAKELITE! Vintage purses, clothes, dish ware and more. This is an entire house and garage in good ol' "OLD IRVING PARK." You know the drill! Please bring CASH & dress in vintage and get a discount and a photo that will appear our LIVE Twitter feed @AnOrangeMoon. The BEST dressed gets an entire post on the pages of our blog!  And as always, complimentary ice cold Corona's & hot vintage jazz.
 The line-up so far:
  • vintage ladies dresses, coats, evening wear, leather handbags/purses, pocket books, hats from Macy's in NY & Paris. All pieces well looked after and cared for.
  • Wesley Willis paintings DIMS: 28"X36" (so far we have located 2) perfectly framed, signed and in stellar condition. This artist has pices that have sold across the country. Treadway Gallery, Slotkin Gallery, Wright Gallery...
  • Elmer Sanders paintings DIMS: 14"X10" (so far 2 located) perfectly framed, a whimsical signature (see photos) and in stellar condition. Sanders work has been sold in the past at Leslies Hindman Auctioneers and Treadway Toomey Gallery.
  • Russell Wright dishware (boxes)
  • Raymor dishware
  • Complete set of China
  • Hyndryx bird cages--metal, round, square, plastic, German (huge) bird cage. 
  • Vintage kitchen ware, glasses & utensils
  • Vintage metal thermometers
  • Wooden Art Moderne kitchen hoosier
  • Black memorabilia, Chicago memorabilia, Folk Art paintings & Folk art dog carvings.
  • Oak 1940's Halltree 
  • Books
  • Oak 1940's double bookcase
  • Vintage book-ends
  • 1920's ceiling glass globe art deco fixtures pendant chandelier
  • Kem Weber chrome chairs from Union station in Chicago
  • Art Deco chrome floor lamp
  • Pair of Oriental (man woman) chalk lamps
  • Chrome "Fu Manchu" stylized touchier floor lamp
  • MCM styled footstool
  • Vintage lighting
  • Vintage jewelry
  • Art Deco round chrome globe from "Excalibur" nightclub
  • Art deco Childs desk and chair
  • Pottery "Scottish Terriers" lamps in "Tiffany Blue"
  • GLOBES all vintage
  • Scottish Terrier smalls (wood carving, books, pottery, photos, paintings)
This lovely little house sits smack dab in the middle of  "Old Irving Park," a safe, clean, hardworking middle class neighborhood. So come out, bring your friends and family and enjoy the "An Orange Moon" estate liquidation experience. 
PS. This, Dear Hearts, is a LIVING ESTATE. 
PPS. And as always, DEALERS WELCOME!


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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Breakfast at Tiffany's Estate Sale

Hello from An Orange Moon! Folks meet Tiffany. This is a shot of her in Rogers Park, Chicago, at the tender young age of 8. Fast forward to today and she's the maven of one of the "hautest" cutest condos buildings on Lake Shore Drive! Did I mention she traveled and SHOPPED the world! She has an impeccable eye. Her style? Why "Breakfast at Tiffany's" of course! Expect to purchase the items listed below and a host of "LSD" upper crust items:
  • Sevres
  • Meerschaum "Victorian Womans head" pipe
  • Gold jewelry
  • Sterling jewelry
  • Silver plate serving pieces
  • Vintage PERSIAN rugs
  • Crystal
  • Royal Copenhagen
  • Royal Doulton
  • Lladro
  • Beleek
  • VINTAGE Waterford
  • Cloisonne
Just think the very best! Come say HELLO! It's been awhile. And as always, items are priced to MOVE!
Sale dates & location:
360 W. Wellington in CHICAGO!
Friday 6/20/2014    9a-3p
Saturday 6/21/2014 9a-3p
Sunday 6/22/2014  9a-3p
CA$H ONLY & please remember to help keep our world GREEN. Bring a bag!

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Come Say Hello!

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

An Orange Moon Vintage Furniture Shop Turns 5 Years Old!!!!!

Lynne & Ty McDaniel

Can you believe it? WE ARE FIVE YEARS OLD! Do you remember the space in the photo below?? It was on the South side of Chicago, back in 2009. It had pale green walls and painted white floors, so quaint, warm and welcoming. Now add a treasure trove of Mid Century Modern furniture, great jazz and tequila and poof!, An Orange Moon! We loved it there! 

Our old location on 59th street.

So many people, parties, tequila and the furniture! O.M.G. 
Wait, I'm getting ahead  of myself. You all know the story of how we came to be? Well, Ty McDaniel, my husband and vintage furniture Guru, suggested we leave our careers as Clinicians and open a  vintage furniture shop. I didn't have to think twice! With a background in Antiques, courtesy of my mom, a graduate of 
Ray-Vogue, and Ty's killer eye, we were on our way to Herman Miller heaven!
Then we found this space on North ave.
Pretty rough huh?

Before at new location

After at new location

An Orange Moon 2014

An Orange Moon 2014

A peek inside the AOM crash pad.
Here's the TIMEOUT CHICAGO link.

Please allow us to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU. 
Come by and have a shot of tequila while shopping at the hippest Mid Century Modern furniture store in Chicago! Listen to the cool stylings of Ty McDaniel on the virtual 1's & 2's and me wiggling and giggling! Why? 'Cause I'm HAPPY.

Ty & Lynne McDaniel

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Sunday, April 27, 2014


While you're waiting, can you name the furniture designers in this photo?
Ok, the pottery is Redwing. GO!

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Are You Hip to Brokenpress Design??

Brokenpress Design + Fabrication is the work of Alexander Dunham. Alex is a passionate creative who is well regarded for his craftsmanship. A true artisan, he’s worked in photography, printmaking, hence the Brokenpress name, music and furniture. He has played music for over twenty years in bands such as Hoover, Regulator Watts and Abilene. His creative focus currently is geared toward furniture making and custom car and bike culture. Currently his piece, "SOLID RIFT WALNUT SURFBOARD," is available EXCLUSIVELY at An Orange Moon! He can build a beautiful piece from a pencil sketch on a napkin or a detailed architectural drawing. Now that you are HIP, allow him to create a custom piece for you!!

Well dig this!
The author of this great blog is none other than Alexanders wife, Jen!
"Grocery Gal Blog"

For online purchases please visit: 
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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Little Pop-Up That Could

Are you ready for *WOW? 
What's *WOW? 
Why its the newest, hippest, coolest neighborhood west of the Hipster Triangle.
*West of Western you'll find An Orange Moon, Tom Robinson Gallery
Please click the link below to see our progress and check me out, 
the QUEEN of WOW, in the video!
Now without futher ado, I bring you,

WOW! — Here is what Rosie Quasarano plans to serve at her Bucktown cafe, Cup and Spoon, in no particular order: pie, art, granola, poetry and, of course, coffee.
Here's how she plans to do it: by putting the cafe in the front room of Iwona Biedermann's Dreambox Foto Studio at 2415 W. North Ave.
It's a unique arrangement that both women say is just right for this burgeoning little stretch of North Avenue they and other residents have dubbed the WOW (west of Western) district. Here, the neighbors really do know each other's names.
"Coffee is at the core, but it's more than that," said Quasarano, who is targeting an early April opening. "The sign in the window says, 'Coffee, community and art,' and that's the mission, bringing people together and showcasing cool people and the neighborhood and what it has to offer."
Artist Tom Robinson, whose studio is across the street at 2416 W. North Ave., is building the wooden counter and bar that will be a focal point in the 1,000-square-foot space. Robinson was a furniture maker for three decades before he became a painter. He doesn't even drink coffee.
"We're very excited about our little area," he said.
The custom neon sign for Cup and Spoon is being made at Fishtail Neon, 2247 N. Western Ave.
Quasarano is keeping the menu very local, too — Metropolis coffee and tea and breakfast pastries and sweets from Cheap Tart. She's thinking of doing "cool toast service" (in the vein of what's taken hold in San Francisco) using breads from local bakers and butters flavored with herbs and made-in-Chicago preserves.
She plans to add lunch options later from vendors she's met at the Nosh food festival, where she launched Cup and Spoon last summer.
The cafe will hold art shows and open-mic poetry, music and spoken word events regularly, drawing from Biedermann's extensive network of artists.
"Coffee and I have a long history," Biedermann said. "Rosie is a wonderful young woman and I'm very happy because this is her dream."
Biedermann moved to the neighborhood 11 years ago, when vacant buildings along North Avenue outnumbered occupied ones.
In recent years, the area has quietly drawn an eclectic mix of independent retail and artists seeking affordable rent. Dotting North Avenue now are several art studios, a dance studio, a vintage furniture shop, a cigar store, a salon/clothing boutique and an Indian restaurant residents gush about. But there's no coffee shop.
For as long as she can remember, Quasarano has wanted to own a coffee shop, just a simple gathering place for coffee, pastry, art and conversation.
She held on to that goal while working her way through college as a Barista and art studio manager, and in the years after graduation as she built a successful advertising career.
Two years ago, Quasarano moved to the neighborhood. Last summer, she made the big leap: from associate creative director at a division of the Leo Burnett Group to pop-up coffee shop owner, running a stand (with her boyfriend Suneil Bisht and her brother Frank Quasarano) at the Nosh and looking for a storefront.
A stop into An Orange Moon, the vintage furniture store at 2418 W. North Ave., was fortuitous. Quasarano and the shop's owner, Lynn McDaniel, got to talking about her cafe concept. McDaniel in turn introduced her to Biedermann across the street.
"In this economy, instead of competing with each other, you share the customer. Rosie and I are very much interested in that," Biedermann said. "Her vision for a coffee shop embraces all the cultural and art exchanges that can take place in this space."
"I feel the wonderful vibes this space emits," said McDaniel, who also lives in the neighborhood.
An Indiegogo campaign, which ends March 7, has raised nearly 70 percent of Quasarano's $15,000 fundraising goal.

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