Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ty & Lynne's Soulful Mid-Century Chicago Studio


Name: Ty & Lynne McDaniel, Owners and Founders of An Orange Moon 
Location: Humboldt Park; Chicago, Illinois
Size: 1,200 square feet
Years lived in: 3
Ty and Lynne McDaniel, owners and founders of the fantastic Chicago furniture store An Orange Moon have created a hip and airy crash pad in the back of their shop. Located in the heart of Humbolt Park, the store/studio is brimming with history and charm. Lynne has been a pioneer in the advancement of the neighborhood, and has used those same skills in transforming their personal space. The couples’ warm smiles and knowledge of all things vintage invite you into the place, often permeated with the greatest hip hop beats.

Their passion and constant quest for all things vintage has led to a masterful collection of art objects and furniture. One 1200 square-foot room functions all at once as a bedroom, living space, office, dining area, and kitchen. Despite the lack of “rooms,” Ty and Lynne have skillfully arranged this multipurpose space in a way that doesn't feel crowded in the least.
Their store has earned many Chicago accolades and has been featured in the well-loved Small Business Revolution documentary.
With an eye for quality and a love for personal details, Ty and Lynne have imbued their unique sanctuary with soul and delight. Want more? Click the link below!

Please visit: 
773.276.ORAN (SHOP) 
An Orange Moon Estate Liquidators, INC. 
312.450.9821 or 773.664.3704 

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