Saturday, February 25, 2012

Condo of Angels in Andersonville


Have you ever had an adventure? A real adventure? Perhaps taking a job in another country or city? Leaving all your friends & fam to further your career or simply feel a change of pace is in order? Well we have two good friends that are taking this challenge. They are relocating to the "City of Angels" in the next month or so.

They are leaving behind an awesome 2 bedroom Andersonville condo with big closets, one bathroom (they took out tub and made
a walk-in shower). It's on the 3rd floor, east side of building. My fave things
about the place is the big sunny sunroom in front, and the big back
deck. They have six window boxes and with the southern exposure,
geraniums and herbs flourish. Included is all the deck
furniture and the gas grill. Washer and dryer in bathroom is a joy,
dishwasher and garbage disposal too, and a gas fireplace is low
maintainance and cozy!
The condo is in a 6 unit that they hope to rent by May 1st. They are asking a paltry $1,800 which includes heat and water, a parking spot in a garage, good easygoing neighbors, a fantastic location one block from Clark Street, but still pretty quiet street (Rascher Avenue) with lots of trees and grass.

What did I leave out here? They are swapping out Chicago for LA. Chicago's fun, but LA? The weather, people, architecture, Rodeo, Mann's, the Valley, the Ocean, VINTAGE shops, celebs...

I lived in LA a while back. A condo close to La Cienaga Blvd at the foot of the hills. Not too far from Santa Monica Blvd. Had a great pool & hot tub. Everybody has one. Hung out every day on Rodeo! Had coffee at Starbucks & would walk down to Louisa's & have lunch & wine on the house. Mostly I would just sit outside on the terrace & people watch.

Saw Mickey Rourke when he was going through his first "face-lift" boxing career? Or maybe he was doing a movie? Anywho he came into the restaurant around the lunch rush with red satin boxing trunks, red satin robe, white terry clothe towel on his head & boxing gloves. Yes, BOXING GLOVES! He sat down and tried to eat in his boxing gloves!! Poor thing. Did I mention he was shirtless?

The condo also boasts hardwood floors, bright sun light, high ceilings, everything will be spruced up for you like new & you couldn't enter into a lease with nicer people. So take a moment & think about having your own "Mickey Rouke"  adventure. Sorry, I take that back. That wasn't an adventure, that was a TRIP!

Interested? Contact

An Orange Moon
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Orange Salon


Prompt arrival is necessary to facilitate a smooth flow!
6p-7p question & answer session from David Arevelo & the
Flirty Cupcake Truck :-P
7:15p--Everyone seated please for AOM After Dark...

It was awesome!!!!
Thank you Design Pros, David Arevelo & Flirty cupcake!

Mrs. McDaniel and the Vintage Circle
By Bradley Lincoln
Bradley Lincoln
The Bucktown furniture and accessories dealer An Orange Moon has launched a salon-style series of public events that are designed to segue from lectures, demos, and Q&As by industry experts to cocktails, musical and spoken-word performances, and dance parties.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Orange February Design Profile: Living Modern in the Ukraine

Meet Emily & Angelo of Chicago's Ukrainian Village.

Emily conducts education policy research & Angelo is currently getting his PhD in "Operations Management" at the University of Chicago business school. We met these two UBER HIP mid century modern enthusiasts a couple years back when they were in the beginning stages of designing their home.  

"In terms of describing the blending of our design styles, Angelo really has a more modern sensibility. He favors clean lines, is always worried that *furniture or decorative elements will look "old," and generally dislikes clutter or excessive decorations. I, on the other hand, loves all things antique, retro, and adore pieces that exude character & history."

Many couples face this challenge & rarely are they able to tackle this feat without the help of a space planner or designer. I remember the discussions with the couple one hot summer afternoon at our previous location. I'd always ask where the pieces would be displayed. While Emily seemed to know intuitively where certain items would be placed, I specifically remember Angelo gently, but firmly stating he felt the exposed brick wall would be the perfect backdrop for the huge Jimmy Lee framed watercolor painting.
"To balance these different dispositions, we settled mainly on outfitting our apartment with mid century furniture to appeal to Angelo's need for sleek pieces and my need for high-quality furniture from an earlier time. Luckily for me, Angelo has given me *almost free reign with decorative elements outside of the furniture, so I've been able to incorporate some industrial, farmhouse, and even some 'of-the-moment' contemporary components to the apartment."

*Design is a delicate ballet. The twists, turns & movement of the furniture must all work together. It is imperative when blending two likes, styles & personalities, that a conversation happens. Not only with the furniture, but with each other.
Emily & Angelo, congratulations. You've re-mixed your space to perfection!  

*Yes, you must be careful when choosing your design style. Too much of any period & your space could wind up looking like you sprinkle crushed Xanax on your ice cream before eating. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Simply put--we can help. Allow AOM to do a 60 minute design consultation. We'll re-mix & re-imagine your space to perfection!

An Orange Moon
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312.450.9821 or 773.664.3704
Showroom 773.276.ORANGE

*Most Mid Century Modern furniture, art & accessories in photo's purchased from An Orange Moon

Friday, February 10, 2012

Vintage Ed Wormley for Dunbar Sofa

Sarah Jessica Parker in her role as Carrie in Sex & the City once referred to a pair of shoes this way. I got it then & I get it now! This sofa is totally breathtaking. I even posted an apology on Facebook to the customers that were in the shop when this Babydoll came in! I just stopped mid sentence and ran over to it & touched it. I just wanted to feel the "French Oatmeal colored Boucle" fabric by Glen & feel the "sit." May I say it was better than I expected! I'm totally enamoured with this Ed Wormley design. Kudos to all the big boys of Mid Century Modern design. Wormley, Arne, Knoll, Wegner--for their ability to design for right & left brain thinkers. Beauty & function. 

This sofa is amazing.

It can accommodate you & your laptop, Chinese food, the family Chow-Chow, red wine, friends & family & most importantly a "nappy pooh."
In other words, Live on it, not just with it! 

Modernists, this is a perfect investment.
Again TOTALLY refurbished from the frame out!

94 in L
25 in D (seat)
30 in H

Totally restored by my personal upholsterer
David Arevelo of Comfort Upholstery

An Orange Moon
2418 W. NORTH AVE Chicago,IL 60647
312.450.9821 or 773.664.3704


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