Friday, June 29, 2012

An Orange Moon's Top Five Vintage GET List

Don't know where to start?
Follow these easy step by step furniture instructions on An Orange Moon's

* Harvey Probber Sofa

This is hands down the most important & presumably the largest piece of furniture you will purchase. When choosing a sofa, look for great lines, a solid frame & little bit of swagga! Remember, whether you call it a couch, davenport, daybed or sofa, this is the piece you build out from.

*Side bar: An Orange Moon always has adorable vintage refurbished sofas in stock. This week? A DUX by Folkes Ohlsson & a Selig sofa totally re-mixed Dunbar style! These sofas are An Orange Moon exclusive.

*Teak "FULL Sideboard" Credenza
Some of us can remember back in the day when a Credenza was called a Buffet, Sideboard or Console. Today's Design Stars use them as a cabinet to float a flatscreen above, a kick-ass storage unit to house component systems, and just a really smart unit to for extra storage.

*Sidebar: In the AOM Home, we have one in every room. My favorite is the guest Credenza where it houses cotton balls, fluffy hand towels, hotel style sheets, travel size lotions, tooth brushes & other things guest need for AOM style comfort. Try it. Not only will your guest feel special (you anticipated their needs, & you really want them there!), but it aids in keeping order in the home, thus allowing you to visit your guests, instead of playing the role of hand maiden. New Credenza arrivals include: American of Martinsville & Folke Ohlsson for Dux.


*Kipp Stewart for Stuart McDougall Dining Set

Want to make a memory? Buy a vintage Mid Century Modern dining room set! No not the little bistro style, but the table that has two or more leaves, 6 side chairs & 2 head chairs. (The two head chairs can be big & upholstered if you  want to chop it up a bit!) That Design Stars, is the new move!  

*Have a smallish space & want to have a dinner party? Remove all the chairs & reposition the table (in its entirety) to the longest wall or under the window for all you Bungalow owners out there! Then add a LARGE FRESH floral center piece, your favorite dishes on your prettiest platters & poof, you've just transitioned that awesome dining table into a buffet! Position the chairs around the wall, "house party" style. As the night winds up, the food is devoured, and the staff can bring out the wine. Now watch the dining room becomes the dance floor! HOLLA! New dining room arrivals include: Eva Chairs, Erik Christiansen & American of Martinsville.

4. Vintage Lighting
Image of Mid Century Modern Danish Lamps

 *Mid Century Modern Lamps

How important is lighting? It can make or break a room! Gone are the days of just one pair. Todays Design Stars up light, down light & spot light every corner of every room. We currently have 8 lamps in our living room.  

*Use lighting on top of bookcases & fireplaces, in unconventional spaces like the kitchen. Want to really chop it up? Do it AOM style and add a chandelier in the  bath. Yes really! Your guest will think they've just stumbled into Elle Decor.
New arrivals: Acrylic base lamps! Nice for keeping a tight space open. And for the industrial enthusiats, a vintage, mint condition heat/irradiation lamp by Sperti, inc.

5. The Vintage Lounge Chair

The Egg Chair

After a hard day in the world, you come in, turn off the alarm, throw your keys on the hall Credenza, kick off your shoes, put down your bag/briefcase & what?  Fall into the waiting arms of your favorite lounge chair. For me its my Egg chair. It was made to block out sound. And on some days I need to chill, have a sip of something cool, flip through a magazine & listen to the television drone on about much ado about nothing.

*We think a lounge chair is just as important as a sofa. Why? Because It's all yours. Your own private little sanctuary. New arrivals: a fabulous pair of walnut lounge chairs totally reupholsterred in a French Oatmeal Boucle. Want to know a design secret? Add a footstool to your lounger--instant heaven!

Take it slow, have fun & have a happy Fourth of July!
Lynne McDaniel

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Mid Century Modern furniture
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

GONE! Highlights of SOLD Inventory @ An Orange Moon May/June

Modernists! Design Stars! Lovers of all things beautiful!

These are just a few of the highlights captured from An Orange Moon Design Stars during the months of May & June. Please visit regularly to make the best selections!

PS. Always a pleasure to see old friends! And always a blast to make new ones! 

PPS. Stay tuned for the Summer event of the year. An Orange Moon opens event space to public!

Hope you're getting your R&R! That's RE-MIX & RE-IMAGINE on!

Johannes Andersen Teak Credenza

Mid Century Modern Lounger

Milo Baughman Sofa

Whitney Houston Beaded Gown

Dillingham Breakfront

Red Velvet Lips Sofa

Vintage Mid Century Modern "Silk Velvet" sofa. As seen on "Bring it Home."

Mid Century Modern TEAK Heywood Wakefield Rocker & Footstool

Svend Madsen Floating Top Desk

3 Drawer Mid Century Modern Bachelor/Bachelorette Chest

Niels O. Møller Dining Table & Chairs

Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggins
(One still available--call for update)

Carrara Marble & Walnut Mid Century Modern Coffee Table

Vintage Plaid Birds Eye Maple Mid Century Modern Daybed

Blue/Green Table Lamps

6 Eero Saarinen Chairs for Knoll

Kent Coffey Credenza

Kent Coffey Foreteller Highboy

Brno Chairs.

Selig sofa re-mixed to a Knoll-esque style by Lynne McDaniel.

Modernist Painting by "R. Styles."

Mid Century Modern (His & Her) Loungers

6 Mid Century Modern Walnut Basic-Witz Chairs

An Orange Moon
2418 W. NORTH AVE Chicago,IL 60647 w
312.450.9821 or 773.664.3704


Friday, June 8, 2012

Vintage American of Martinsville Dania Collection Credenza

Just in! Vintage Double doors with ORIGINAL 3 white pull out drawers, 3 levelor front drawers. Out of crate condition, Walnut, American of Martinsville TRUE sideboard/credenza. I LOVE this piece!

H 30
W 18.5
L 60

Shipping & delivery available

An Orange Moon
2418 W. NORTH AVE Chicago,IL 60647
312.450.9821 or 773.664.3704

Thursday, June 7, 2012

8 Danish Dining Room Chairs by Erik Christensen

8 Erik Christensen Slagelse Mobelvaerk Fabrik Chairs

The wonderful thing about this biz is we always take every opportunity to make it a learning experience. Over the years we've learned:

A. The many types of woods used to create the pieces. Mahogany, Rosewood, Fruitwood, Walnut, Oak, Teak...

B. How the piece was treated over the years by its original owners. E.g., was the piece always by the window catching sun rays? Did the O.O. use oils or varnishes on the pieces? Have the pieces been properly repaired/restored if broken? Or was it a DIY project?

C. What was the vintage manufacturer's budget when creating these stellar works of art? Yes some manufacturer's had more money than others, & they were mass produced--& that's okay, but some lack quality & some companies made up for a low production budget with a good design! 

Well I'm here to tell you folks, this is not one of them. These chairs are SOLID TEAK & hands down individual works of art. Can you imagine what SOLID TEAK would cost today if you wanted to replicate just one chair? Pardon me, I don't wish to speak of money, I just want to make my point clear. Nothings made of SOLID ANYTHING today!!

My hubby Ty McDaniel pointed out, the arm & hip of the chair is in the shape of a "Boomerang." Hence the nickname--"Boomerang chair." We usually source our pieces from D.C. & Ohio, but when these came available, we hit the road, along with a hand full of other dealers & travelled a great distance to acquire them! Why? Because these chairs are individual works of art. And to have a set of 8 is almost unheard of. Oh & BTW, its rumoured Erik Christensen only made these chairs for 3 years. So you won't find them at Design Within Reach, or any of the big box stores that make "licensed reproductions." No judgement! I'm just saying.

And who is this ERIK CHRISTENSEN genius person? A hard working designer turned manufacturer of the Slagelse furniture company! No small feat apparently...

These 8 classic Scandinavian, signed & Denmark control sealed, Solid TEAK chairs are available now only at AOM! Go ahead, Modernists, pull ahead of the pack. True Mad Men/Women--you won't see these stunners anywhere, but
An Orange Moon.

Priced at:
$2790 for complete set of eight. 7 side & 1 head.

An Orange Moon 2418 W. NORTH AVE Chicago,IL 60647 312.450.9821 or 773.664.3704 RE-MIX & RE-IMAGINE 773.276.ORAN

Vintage American of Martinsville Dania Collection China Cabinet

Hot, Haute, Hot!

Image of American of Martinsville China Cabinet

 Dig the cut-out on the end cap! Perfect for displaying your modernist treasures. Nobody does swagga quite like YOU! Round out your vintage furniture design collection with this little gem. Made of a lovely patinead Walnut sitting strong with little brass booties. Check out its counterpart the credenza listed on this page! Perfer the dining set? We have that in our inventory too!
Call Lynne @ An Orange Moon 1.773.276.ORAN
We ship & deliver!
Did I mention the glass sliding doors? The brass handles? The levelored drawers on the side. That's 3 DEEP drawers perfect for storage!


Priced at $1495
Cheers from the AOM team!

An Orange Moon
Chicago,IL 60647
312.450.9821 or 773.664.3704

Dux Sofa by Folke Ohlsson @ An Orange Moon

Image of Dux Sofa

Dux was a San Francisco based company started by Swedish designer Folke Ohlsson in the late 1950s. Dux furniture is usually referred to as Danish Modern or Scandinavian Modern, and this Dux sofa is an uber barometer of stellar design! What do you think about the Tiffany Blue Boucle (pronounced Boo-clay) Yeah, right??!!

Design Stars, this sweetheart measures approximately 8ft and has been totally redone by our personal upholsterer. Today it is in house, on our showroom floor, waiting to be wisked away to your uber hip space!

Let me be clear about the process. This vintage sofa/couch was stripped done to the frame & brought back up with all NEW hand-picked & sourced materials. Are you ready to make your design mark? Call Lynne @ 312.450.9821 with questions regarding shipping, delivery or design assistance.
Guten Tag Chicago!

Priced at: $2995
Dims: 8 feet long (96 inches)

An Orange Moon
2418 W. NORTH AVE Chicago,IL 60647
312.450.9821 or 773.664.3704

An Orange Moon Uber Hip Vintage Furniture & Design

After announcing to her husband, Ty, in 2009 that she’d quit her teaching job to follow her passion for salvaging vintage furniture, Lynne McDaniel, owner of An Orange Moon, was a little nervous. Much to her surprise, Ty, enthusiastically shouted, “Do it!” A little over three years later, and after moving locations from the South Side to a much larger space in Bucktown, business is thriving. “In today’s lingo, sustainability means ‘keep it moving,’” asserts Ms. McDaniel. “If you really think about it, we’re affected on many levels by consumerism. An Orange Moon sustains by keeping our green promise through upcycling vintage furniture. Nowadays, if you want to help the planet, it’s imperative that you upcycle.” There’s always a beautiful display of handmade wood pieces. “Many of the woods used building vintage furniture are headed to the endangered species list, and we help by not only providing beauty and function, but by offering heirloom quality pieces.” The gorgeous new showroom is about to expand with its freshly curated English Garden outdoor space, where Ms. McDaniel will host “After Dark” events in the spring, summer and fall. An Orange Moon, 2418 West North Avenue, 773.276.ORANGE,

Lynne McDaniel, Co-Owner of An Orange Moon

As Seen In...
Today's Chicago Woman
June Issue 2012

Pair of Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggins Lounge Chairs
(1 still available as of this post)

An Orange Moon
2418 W. NORTH AVE Chicago,IL 60647
1.312.450.9821 or 1.773.664.3704

Friday, June 1, 2012

An Orange Moon Turns 3!!!!!

We're celebrating AOM's 3rd birthday & our 9th wedding anniversary this Friday, June 1st, 2012. Come by and enjoy a beautiful spring evening as only AOM does!

We will be open in conjunction with the Tom Robinson Gallery show, "DRAWING ATTENTION." Special hours are from noon until 10p.

Expect a fab selection of vintage furniture from ALL periods, the gooood tequila, music & you.

Consider having dinner at Rangolis! Chicago's premiere Indian restaurant, opened yesterday & is located directly across the street from AOM. Experience West Bucktown at it's finest! Adults only please.

Come check out our new arrivals!
Gio Ponti Lounge Chairs with Alexander Girard Fabric

Dux Sofa covered in a Tiffany Boucle

Erik Christiansen "Boomerang" Chairs

An Orange Moon
2418 W. NORTH AVE Chicago,IL 60647
312.450.9821 or 773.664.3704