Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sears & Roebuck 1968 High Fidelity Stereo

This is a Sears & Roebuck 1968 Hi-Fi! The style is called the "Contemporary" and all the paperwork is included. Look at the price! The original owner was an employee at Sears & received a discount. Look at the taxes back then. Everything appears to be so "old fashioned" except for this BABY!! Truly another Chicago legend ahead of its time. 

Sold 11/14/10

When my husband brought this into the store, I felt a slight catch in my throat. We had the same one when I was little. It was in the living room on the right side of the fireplace.
My Mom & Dad entertained every Friday night. Sometimes big cocktail parties with hats, gloves, & cigarette holders. Sometimes just a kooky gathering of friends singing, dancing and pigging out.
 There was Mr. Moore, one of my fathers business partners. We called him Candy Man behind his back. He always had several boxes of Lemonheads or Red Hots for us kids, which we greedily accepted! Then there was Uncle Clifton. He spoke with a perfect Cockney accent even though he was born and raised in Chicago.
But most of all I remember my Mom and Dad dancing by the Hi-Fi in front of the fireplace to old Dinah Washington, Frank Sinatra, Nate King Cole & Sarah Vaughn records. After the party was over, and the last guest either stumbled out or passed out, I'd catch a sleepy glimpse of them from the top of the staircase, as they danced to
"September in the Rain." 

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