Friday, February 17, 2012

Orange February Design Profile: Living Modern in the Ukraine

Meet Emily & Angelo of Chicago's Ukrainian Village.

Emily conducts education policy research & Angelo is currently getting his PhD in "Operations Management" at the University of Chicago business school. We met these two UBER HIP mid century modern enthusiasts a couple years back when they were in the beginning stages of designing their home.  

"In terms of describing the blending of our design styles, Angelo really has a more modern sensibility. He favors clean lines, is always worried that *furniture or decorative elements will look "old," and generally dislikes clutter or excessive decorations. I, on the other hand, loves all things antique, retro, and adore pieces that exude character & history."

Many couples face this challenge & rarely are they able to tackle this feat without the help of a space planner or designer. I remember the discussions with the couple one hot summer afternoon at our previous location. I'd always ask where the pieces would be displayed. While Emily seemed to know intuitively where certain items would be placed, I specifically remember Angelo gently, but firmly stating he felt the exposed brick wall would be the perfect backdrop for the huge Jimmy Lee framed watercolor painting.
"To balance these different dispositions, we settled mainly on outfitting our apartment with mid century furniture to appeal to Angelo's need for sleek pieces and my need for high-quality furniture from an earlier time. Luckily for me, Angelo has given me *almost free reign with decorative elements outside of the furniture, so I've been able to incorporate some industrial, farmhouse, and even some 'of-the-moment' contemporary components to the apartment."

*Design is a delicate ballet. The twists, turns & movement of the furniture must all work together. It is imperative when blending two likes, styles & personalities, that a conversation happens. Not only with the furniture, but with each other.
Emily & Angelo, congratulations. You've re-mixed your space to perfection!  

*Yes, you must be careful when choosing your design style. Too much of any period & your space could wind up looking like you sprinkle crushed Xanax on your ice cream before eating. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Simply put--we can help. Allow AOM to do a 60 minute design consultation. We'll re-mix & re-imagine your space to perfection!

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*Most Mid Century Modern furniture, art & accessories in photo's purchased from An Orange Moon

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