Thursday, June 7, 2012

8 Danish Dining Room Chairs by Erik Christensen

8 Erik Christensen Slagelse Mobelvaerk Fabrik Chairs

The wonderful thing about this biz is we always take every opportunity to make it a learning experience. Over the years we've learned:

A. The many types of woods used to create the pieces. Mahogany, Rosewood, Fruitwood, Walnut, Oak, Teak...

B. How the piece was treated over the years by its original owners. E.g., was the piece always by the window catching sun rays? Did the O.O. use oils or varnishes on the pieces? Have the pieces been properly repaired/restored if broken? Or was it a DIY project?

C. What was the vintage manufacturer's budget when creating these stellar works of art? Yes some manufacturer's had more money than others, & they were mass produced--& that's okay, but some lack quality & some companies made up for a low production budget with a good design! 

Well I'm here to tell you folks, this is not one of them. These chairs are SOLID TEAK & hands down individual works of art. Can you imagine what SOLID TEAK would cost today if you wanted to replicate just one chair? Pardon me, I don't wish to speak of money, I just want to make my point clear. Nothings made of SOLID ANYTHING today!!

My hubby Ty McDaniel pointed out, the arm & hip of the chair is in the shape of a "Boomerang." Hence the nickname--"Boomerang chair." We usually source our pieces from D.C. & Ohio, but when these came available, we hit the road, along with a hand full of other dealers & travelled a great distance to acquire them! Why? Because these chairs are individual works of art. And to have a set of 8 is almost unheard of. Oh & BTW, its rumoured Erik Christensen only made these chairs for 3 years. So you won't find them at Design Within Reach, or any of the big box stores that make "licensed reproductions." No judgement! I'm just saying.

And who is this ERIK CHRISTENSEN genius person? A hard working designer turned manufacturer of the Slagelse furniture company! No small feat apparently...

These 8 classic Scandinavian, signed & Denmark control sealed, Solid TEAK chairs are available now only at AOM! Go ahead, Modernists, pull ahead of the pack. True Mad Men/Women--you won't see these stunners anywhere, but
An Orange Moon.

Priced at:
$2790 for complete set of eight. 7 side & 1 head.

An Orange Moon 2418 W. NORTH AVE Chicago,IL 60647 312.450.9821 or 773.664.3704 RE-MIX & RE-IMAGINE 773.276.ORAN

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