Saturday, April 13, 2013

10 Things I can't live Without!

1. My Arne Jacobsen "Egg Chair."
Bury me in it please. It's my sanctuary. It keeps out noise. I can work from my laptop, listen to music, watch a little TV, and yes, eat a little Mon Lung Chinese. I believe there is a Hotel in Copenhagen that has a lobby full of them! Heaven must be like this.

2. Mon Lung Restaurant
I've known about this secret since 1984. They used to be on Milwaukee ave across the street from Peoples Gas & roughly next door to The Silver Room. The children, now the owners, are married & have families of their own.
Now they sit proudly on Ashland ave & Augusta. Forget China Town! No where in the city of Chicago, will you find better "Hot & Sour" soup!

3. The UPS Store #3173
Buck town Wicker Park on Milwaukee Ave
In our business its imperative you have a great team & Drew is my go to guy
for domestic shipping.

4. Coco by Chanel 
It's all I wear in the summer. 

*4a. Chanel No. 5
 Chanel No.5 was my mother's favorite, so I can't help but carry on the tradition. 
*Flashback! My  mom, Holly, would sprinkle Chanel No.5 on our sheets. I guess in lieu of fabric softener?? She stated it was a tip she learned when she attended the Ray-Vogue Design school. Who remembers when it was located on the corner of Michigan Ave & Chicago.
 Proof positive that the
 apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.

5.  The "Gabby" firm mattress.
We purchased ours from a Lincoln Park location. I cannot begin to tell you how much a good mattress impacts your life for the better! Here's a tip to getting a better price. Go to any of the high end mattress stores & find your fit. Lay there with your spouse, partner or roomie. Get the name of the mattress you like and simply google it. There's a generic one out there at a cheaper price online that is basically the same thing. Go back to the mattress shop with the name of the mattress you're interested in and the online company, and tell them to price match you. The mattress business is extremely competitive, and  believe me, they don't want the money go to their competitor.
Make sure you negotiate free delivery! I'm just saying.

6. Vinny
This Springer Spaniel would kill a brick for me! Back story--purchased Vinny at 6 months from the City of Chicago Dog Pound. I walked past his cage and he did a back over flip and let out a little yip. Love at first site. Fast forward--10 years later as I exited the Walgreen's on Armitage near Kedzie, some unruly types began to bother me as I untied Vinny from the bike rack. I let him go and he bit the biggest, loudest guy! Ahh--the loyalty of animals.

7. Hamburgers
Well I guess now you know I'm not a vegetarian. 
Best Hamburger I ever had in my life? Well the "Acorn on Oak" of course. A lb of the best ground beef seasoned with what I'm sure is a family secret, topped with thin slices of raw onion that rivals rivals Pauly's thin sliced garlic in the movie "Goodfellas." Pickles, onions, cheeses & fresh cut fries. The vibe of the AOO was the epitome of elegance. White linen topped tables, plush seating, linen napkins, tuxed waiters & a baby grand by the front draped window. As a matter of fact, I don't really recall any windows?? It was a place frequented by the "in-crowd" or folks from the neighborhood, attorneys, occassional tourists just stumbling by, models, a hushed business meeting, a secret affair...

7a. David Burkes Primehouse
Prime beef, dry-aged for 40 days on a fresh bake potato bun.
Tip: Don't forget the cheese & bacon! 
Whats that noise?? Oh that? Just arteries hardening.

8. Laughter
I laughed for 75 seconds straight the other day! As I walked past 
my husband Ty, he just reached out and begin to tickle me. It was unexpected
silly and allowed me to have a wonderful belly laugh. Here's an early winter morning photo of Katherine Raz & yours truly laughing at ?? Photo by Ty McDaniel.

9. Traveling
Our 10 year wedding anniversary is 6/2/2013. I can't wait!! We are flying to LA, hanging out with friends for a few days, stopping by to say hello to all our vintage shopkeeper friends, hanging out by somebodies pool, renting a convertible of course, as we make our way up the coast. We are debating whether to fly back to Chicago or shop back via Route 66. Did I mention we will be closed for the lions share of June for some long overdue jet-setting!!

*Flashback! I lived in LA briefly back in the day. My hangout was a little Italian restaurant called Louisa's on Rodeo Drive. Saw everybody there. Bill Cosby, Dustin Hoffman, Goldie Hawn & my favorite Mickey Rourke. One afternoon Mickey was in the restaurant dressed in red & white boxing shorts, white boxing shoes, a long fire-engine red & white satin robe, and matching boxing gloves. He just couldn't sit still. He kept popping up from his table while his guests, (directors, producers, backers I assume) went on with the meeting like this was the norm. Poor Mickey tried to shovel some spaghetti into his mouth a couple times with his boxing gloves on, but missed everytime. Eventually he just popped up from the table and and did the Mohammad Ali shuffle & shadow boxed around the restaurant. He was soooo skinny, but had a helleva tan! Love Hollywood!

10. People 
I LOVE the fact that our business allows us to meet new people constantly!
Famous actors, designers, singers, musicians, out of towners, neighborhood folk, dog lovers, 
pregnant ladies, Diva's, newspaper folk, pregnant ladies, furniture designers, seniors, poets, dancers, foodies...
And EVERYONE has an amazing story!
Ah--this is the life!

Stay tuned for 10 MORE things...

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  1. You make me miss Chicago so much. I moved to Houston a couple of years ago, but lived in Wicker Park for a couple of the best years of my life. Thank you!


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