Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Orange Moon April Design Profile: One Love Humboldt Park Style

Often couples say "I do" before they realize their spouses personal design style. This is the story of Paul & Morgan. They vibe hip, sweet & cool & their newly acquired home reflects this!

The dilemma? How do they incorporate their individual style's, make this new space feel homey & design a safe play area for their little one?

Paul loves oranges, mixed with cool colors & straight lines.
Mid Century Modern, if you will.

Morgan, a new mother, likes big over-stuffed chairs, Victorian era pieces &  furniture that have lots of character. 

 A quick peek inside the French doors of their office!

This beautiful round table & four chairs are a thing of beautiful, but the couple decided to extend the living room by adding a couple of lounge chairs & maybe a small credenza. This turns the area once designated for dining into a completely new open area where Paul & Morgan can spread out & entertain or just leisurely vibe. The open kitchen floor plan does double duty as it was intended by removing the toys from the HUGE designated eating area & placing a fresh, hip, long rectangular Mid Century Modern style dining table & chairs in its place.

They also decided to use one of the rooms on the lower level as a total playroom for the little one, complete with, get this, VINTAGE MAPS!, & a CHALK WALL!! This is GREAT for children!

The outer area of the lower level can hold vintage black & white over-sized photographs on the walls, a stereo, a bar/credenza & viole!, a hang-out spot.
Just don't make it too comfortable, your guests may not want to go home!

To be continued...

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