Saturday, September 29, 2012


Since we moved to this new location, we've been, as I like to say, "CRA-ZEE DAH-LING!"

I don't get an opportunity to post on as much as I'd like, blog as much as I used to, and hang out & party like a Rock Star.

Sidebar. We were on the road a couple weeks ago & after we closed one of the clubs, I suggested we just stay up! Why not? We had a 6am appointment the next morning anyway. I remember hearing groans & laughter at my suggestion.

Anywho, today it dawned on me how truly wonderful this business is. I was chopping it up with Megan--from the neighborhood. She stopped in for a bit. After she left, I thought about the bright side of this business. We get to travel & shop for Arne Jacobsen & Ed Wormley pieces in little out of the way places. High five each other (Ty), when we score entire vintage households that have gone untouched by the human hand for decades. Decide on Maharaham, Boucle or Mohair fabric for a 9 foot Dux sofa. Or simply RE-MIX entire homes. Then there's always an estate sale or two, a set design for a television show, or a great magazine spread. Don't get me wrong. All of that is fantastic! But the best thing?? 


All the engagements! Parties!! Weddings! The sweet little babies born on our watch! All the "hook-ups" made at our shop! All the tears from relationships--both happy & sad. The new careers! The new cities! Music, photographers, stories. Somethings always going down!!

Recently a customer stopped by and stated he'd recently lost his job at Harpo studio & his girlfriend decided to leave town, as he put it for "greener pastures." Luckily I had a fresh bottle of tequila on hand. Today Janie stopped by & reported Jason Grotto is a dad! Bring the baby by the shop Jason!! My Joanie is doing big things on the West coast! Come say good-bye before you go! Andriennes coming in from LA & staying at the Fairmont for the week. She put us on her list of stops! 

I feel like George Bailey. It is indeed a wonderful life!

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