Monday, October 22, 2012

United Center "Slam Dunk" Historic Demo Dig

Thank you for coming out!
It was good to see you!  

An Orange Moon thanks you for your patronage
& we look forward to seeing you at our November sale.
Details posted soon.

10/27/2012 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Saturday)
10/28/2012 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (Sunday)
Absolutely NO CHILDREN allowed, as this is a DIG!
2024 W. Warren Boulevard

This is the estate of:

Edward & Lorene Anthony
two politically conscious powerhouses that lived on the main drag through the turbulent 60's & boy does this estate have the memento's to prove it!

See those chairs in the photo above, They are still in the living room & the toys are in the attic!

Pretty vintage dresses!

Black military memorabilia!
They watched the Dr. Martin Luther King riots from their front steps, have newspapers and magazines of celebrities of days gone by! Ms Lorraine is reported to have supplied coffee and sandwiches to the firemen as they fought the Madison street blaze.

Mr Edward Anthony, was a grad of Coyne & a licensed electrician AND worked at the PO until retirement. Mrs. Lorene Anthony was on every board in the WEST LOOP community & was the go to board member at MILES SQUARE! Tuskegee & DePaul grads! (Shout out to DePaul, MY Alma Mater.)

So many political posters, buttons of Chicago lands most notorious politicos! Remember Wallace Davis, Harold Washington & Jane Byrne? Posters, buttons & photos! Theres a magazine cover of Muhammad Ali when he sported a TWA? Thats a teeny-weeny afro. Photos and magazines available by the box load!!

Located in the historic "United Center/West Loop" neighborhood, this 1888 single family home boast East Lake double entry doors, a HUGE horseshoe shaped marble fireplace, an attic porthole window, balusters and brackets, rope turned wooden window frames...
All are available for purchase.

YES, this is a DEMOLITION ESTATE SALE! E.G,. you want the fireplace?
Unbolt it from the wall and load onto your truck.
No delivery person? Use our movers!!


-Vintage Mid Century Modern furniture
-1961 Blue-Green Ford van
-Aluminum ladders
-Vintage drinking glasses
Vintage hats
Vintage clothing (men & Women) 1940's-1960's
Vintage collectibles
Vintage cabinets
20's dressers
Did I say VINTAGE CLOTHING?? The really cool kind! 60's
Vintage sofa's
Vintage shoes
Vintage Ham Radio
Vintage Typewriter
Vintage Halloween costumes
Vintage games

Please check back daily for photos of furniture, 1961 ford van, jewelry, pottery, advertisements, collectibles, vintage clothing, dishes, artwork & more!

& click on BLOG for up to the moment info on the progress of the dig!

Please come prepared to help "unearth" undisturbed vintage treasures. Latex gloves available upon entry.

You are welcome to purchase the doorknobs, windows, furnace, fireplace, mantles, doors, furniture, jewelry, 1961 Ford van, dishes, pottery & MORE!
Check back for behind the scenes videos as we begin our dig! Speaking of videos--Folks meet Brandon! A cool cat from the AOM neighborhood! Watch one of my favorite customers belt out Sammy Davis Jrs "Ocean 11."

Common trait of An Orange Moon customer? They've got TALENT! Be it acting, singing, dancing or design. 

An Orange Moon
Chicago,IL 60647
312.450.9821 or 773.664.3704

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