Friday, November 23, 2012

A Girl Named Sue


Look carefully at the painting above. Do you remember Jays? The Carnegie theatre? Faces? Rush Oak Market? The Oak Tree? Mister Kelley's?
Recognize any of the places? Banquet on a Bun? The Singapore?

One of our favorite customers (Sue) brought us this lovely piece of history from her private art collection! Back in the day, I knew this area like the back of my hand. My mom had a cute little condo across the street from the now defunct Henrotin hospital where we all hung out after clubbing on Saturday nights.
Sue also had a cute little apartment over on Michigan ave at Chicago. Way before Ralph Lauren or the Pottery Barn or Tiffany's for that matter, Sue was living, "Audrey Hepburn" style. A little balcony, a view of the avenue...

A house full of Danish teak furniture. Look at the photo below and see if you can identify any of the old landmarks. It just amazes me that whole blocks of amazing architecture were destroyed for the sake of?? Okay. I get it. But I'm still allowed to miss it. Look in the distance--that's I. Magnin. Across the street was one of my favorites,  "5-7-9, The Pint Sized Shop."

Saw that coo-coo crazy guy Chuck Barris from "The Gong Show" & one of his regular panelist Jaye P. Morgan at the Oak Tree at no o'clock in the morning one hot summer night. We always stopped for "champagne" breakfast after dancing all night to Donna Summer at Faces Disco. I distinctly remember him sliding out of his booth seat repeatedly, and still to this day can remember how uncomfortable Jaye looked as she helped him up from the floor at least 5 times, while he laughed, babbled & danced uncontrollably.
WOW, wonder what kind of a drug he was on?
Who knew a customer out of the blue would call me on the phone, visit us, bring photos & invoke such a plethora of memories!
So raise your glasses and give a toast, to a girl named Sue.


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