Sunday, March 2, 2014

Are You Hip to Brokenpress Design??

Brokenpress Design + Fabrication is the work of Alexander Dunham. Alex is a passionate creative who is well regarded for his craftsmanship. A true artisan, he’s worked in photography, printmaking, hence the Brokenpress name, music and furniture. He has played music for over twenty years in bands such as Hoover, Regulator Watts and Abilene. His creative focus currently is geared toward furniture making and custom car and bike culture. Currently his piece, "SOLID RIFT WALNUT SURFBOARD," is available EXCLUSIVELY at An Orange Moon! He can build a beautiful piece from a pencil sketch on a napkin or a detailed architectural drawing. Now that you are HIP, allow him to create a custom piece for you!!

Well dig this!
The author of this great blog is none other than Alexanders wife, Jen!
"Grocery Gal Blog"

For online purchases please visit: 
773.276.ORAN (SHOP) 
An Orange Moon Estate Liquidators, INC. 312.450.9821 
773.664.3704 WE BUY!!

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  1. Hi! I can't wait to visit one day soon. I will have to take a special trip. A cocktail will do too. ;)


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