Saturday, May 3, 2014

An Orange Moon Vintage Furniture Shop Turns 5 Years Old!!!!!

Lynne & Ty McDaniel

Can you believe it? WE ARE FIVE YEARS OLD! Do you remember the space in the photo below?? It was on the South side of Chicago, back in 2009. It had pale green walls and painted white floors, so quaint, warm and welcoming. Now add a treasure trove of Mid Century Modern furniture, great jazz and tequila and poof!, An Orange Moon! We loved it there! 

Our old location on 59th street.

So many people, parties, tequila and the furniture! O.M.G. 
Wait, I'm getting ahead  of myself. You all know the story of how we came to be? Well, Ty McDaniel, my husband and vintage furniture Guru, suggested we leave our careers as Clinicians and open a  vintage furniture shop. I didn't have to think twice! With a background in Antiques, courtesy of my mom, a graduate of 
Ray-Vogue, and Ty's killer eye, we were on our way to Herman Miller heaven!
Then we found this space on North ave.
Pretty rough huh?

Before at new location

After at new location

An Orange Moon 2014

An Orange Moon 2014

A peek inside the AOM crash pad.
Here's the TIMEOUT CHICAGO link.

Please allow us to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU. 
Come by and have a shot of tequila while shopping at the hippest Mid Century Modern furniture store in Chicago! Listen to the cool stylings of Ty McDaniel on the virtual 1's & 2's and me wiggling and giggling! Why? 'Cause I'm HAPPY.

Ty & Lynne McDaniel

Please visit: 

773.276.ORAN (SHOP) 
An Orange Moon Estate Liquidators, INC. 
312.450.9821 or 773.664.3704 WE BUY!!

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