Saturday, September 25, 2010

R. Huber & Co. (Canada) Limited

DESIGN STARS, ROCKERS, SET DESIGNERS, ARTISTS & LOVERS OF ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL!! This fantastic mid century Danish inspired sofa is  by R. Huber & Co. Stay with me!! Visualize this work of art in the middle of your space and enjoy its vibe from all sides! I understand R. Huber's vision. This brother rocked the beauty of the 360 to the limit!! 

Some people may want to follow the rules?? RULES??!! The rules are there are no rules!! Mix it up with your funky fresh finds!! Build out from this piece and slowly gather the best of the best. Come Spring you'll be ready to showcase your place on Strange Closets!
It's covered in its original ORANGE, cream & brown, nubby wool patterned fabric. It sits regally atop a solid teak platform and it measures out to a whopping 8ft 4.5 inches! Dig it!!

Sold 10/2/10 

An Orange Moon
2436 W 59th St.
Chicago,IL 60629
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
11a-5p (Summer Hours)



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