Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sears & Roebuck Mid Century Modern Dining Room Set

Dig this!! Just in time for Thanksgiving!! This is Chicago history folks! Such a lovely Amber colored Maple Mid Century Modern 6 chair dining room set, with a "built in" leaf. Pull the table apart and the leaf unfolds, voila!

We've had lots of lovely sets, but look at this!!! The brass leg bands, the dog bone backs, the table size, the lovely colored upholstery, (no more matchy-matchy). This set is by none other than Sears & Roebuck! 

*Table & chairs are marked.
**Chairs completely restored in all new cotton & French linen.

Sold 10/8/10

An Orange Moon
2436 W 59th St.
Chicago,IL 60629

Flashback...I shopped at Sears & Roebuck as a teen-ager. Hillman's grocer was in the basement. I bought my first Fashion Fair from the make-up counter on 63rd & Halsted. Across the street was Fannie Mae Candies, Kresges (5 & Dime), and lastly Walgreens. The only difference is then Walgreens had a lunch counter. After shopping we'd get a quick bite. My 3 sisters & I would usually get a banana split or some fancy ice cream concoction and a Coke. Afterwards we'd freshen our lipstick, put on our scarves and sunglasses, and ride down 63rd street in my big sisters Barracuda headed east with the top down while listening to Smokey...

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
11a-5p (Summer Hours)

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