Friday, March 25, 2011

The CitizenShay Show & Sale THANK YOU CHICAGO!!

Design Stars --I saw your cameras! Send us your photos to post!

Mic Check 1-2!

To all the Design Stars
that attended the Citizen Shay Show, 
it was an awesome blast, wasn't it!!?
Omar Urena, Tamalli Space Charros & Lynne McDaniel of AOM
Like to toss it up to:
Citizen Shay & wifey Nicole, for choosing AOM to hang.
Vo for that Prince cut. "You. don't. have. to be. beau.tee.ful...
Azteclan Cardinal for the football uniform, the feathers, the flickering yellow strobe light, the cape, the mask, the sombrero & for the poetry moment we're all still talking about.
Tamalli Space Charros for taking our taste buds to outer space--yummy!
Flatout Designs, you're just like your furniture--SHARP!!
bongrande for bringing the "Jackie O" vibe!
Domestica for your deft pen!
Urban Casita LOVE your style & your posse!!
Black Artist News & entourage, from day one...special place in my heart!
Ceelo Green for ??

And all the pretty clients of AOM! YOU ARE THE SHIZZLE!!!
And to my sweet Ty...THANK YOU BABY. Love how we vibe!

Last call...PLEASE to all the Design Stars that left items in the back room...
Cashmere overcoat, red luggage with tags from Mexico, Football Helmet, Calvin Klein (wife-beater) t-shirts & matching shorts--new in package, Milky Way Candy bars, "Axe" deodorant & gloves.
I hereby give notice. You have 2 weeks from today to pick-up, otherwise the candy goes to the neighborhood children & the clothing and other personal affects will be donated to
on 59th st. in Chicago.
 This brother is superbad!
Spend your Friday night at AOM!

Let me tell you why I chose him!

By now you know I have a fondness for my main man, Andy Warhol! And Steven Shay,
AKA Citizen Shay reminds me sooo much of him! Look at the colors--the subject matter and the technique he uses to create his works of art.

Over the course of his career, Citizen Shay is transforming contemporary art. By employing graphic art techniques to create works, Shay challenges preconceived notions about the nature of art and erases traditional distinctions between fine art and popular culture.

Live music by "Vo"
Performances AND Food by Tamalli Space Charros
Featuring Mr. Omar Urena!

A Silent Auction!!
Proceeds to benefit "Feed & Clothe the Needy" on Chicago's Southside!

As always complimentary adult beverages.
We quit! But Smokers & Foodies welcome!!

When I was a little girl summertime meant one thing, Lake Michigan all the way up and down the shore!! We'd start out at beach behind the Planetarium. By day we'd watch the single engine planes take off & land at Meigs Field. Sometimes the whole beach would jump to their feet when a little plane would do a wobble and quickly regain their course. 

Then at the first sign of darkness, we'd gather up the quilts, baseballs & bats, and race to the Buick station wagon. On our way to Grandmothers house, our dad would drive us pass 
the lady!!

 You could see her 4 blocks down, or so it seemed. Her arms outstretched, her little swimsuit & cap, the beauty queen smile, on her tiptoes...
 Does anyone remember her? She was perched atop of the diving board at the motel fondly known as
"50th on the Lake."


"This Funny Life"

"It's Over"

Don't miss our 1st sale of the year!!
Up to 50% off! YES Credenza's, Bachelors Chest, Lamps! The whole shi-bang!! 
Friday, Saturday & Sunday!
Sale starts Friday, 4/1/11 @ 6pm!
Sorry, no early birds!
AOM opens at 6p Friday, April 1st.

An Orange Moon
2436 W 59th St.
Chicago,IL 60629
Friday 11a-3p
Saturday & Sunday
11a-5p Winter Hours
 *Mention Domestica for free delivery on items over $495!

Hey, no doubt!

Here's a postcard from the famous Motel sans "The Lady."

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