Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where Are They Now?

An AOM customer told me his Playboy stories...
He recounted holding court with with the 1st Black Playboy bunny. She stated, "a keyholder membership did allow you entrance, but it was also a means to keep the bottom feeders out." SNAP! 

How can you miss this Lane Brutalist giant?!
Look for him on the set of "The Playboy Club" in Hugh Hefners mansion!

The CEO of my printing service stated, as a young man he worked at the mansion on Chicago's "Gold Coast" for several years.
He reported, "we would go in on Friday afternoon & leave Monday morning! Somebody always needed something. Musicians, food, cocktails...It was always a party at the mansion!!"

China Cabinet Priced at $1495

Look for this lounger in "Billy the Club Managers" office.
FYI-It's been reported this is an onset favorite!

These are in the Bunny Dorm...
I was told the goal of most bunnies was to...guess?
photos & answer tonight!

An Orange Moon
2418 W. North Ave 
Chicago,IL 60629

PS. Look for me in TLC's "What The Sell?!"

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