Sunday, October 9, 2011

View from our bedroom window...

Design Professionals-
Ever feel overwhelmed? Today I woke up feeling "UBER FOCUSED!"
When I was in undergrad at DePaul, I took a class called "Quantum Creativity in the Workplace." Dr. Pamela Meyer taught the class. It was many wonderful things, but mainly I processed NEVER to forget about life's beautiful moments. Remember as a small child the excitement of getting a new refrigerator? Not because of the actual item, but because of the fun we could have with that box!! A Rocket Ship! A Playhouse!! 

I took that feeling with me early this morning as I jogged around my neighborhood. I listened to the "caw" of the Black birds, the squirrels scratching the tree barks as they try to escape my approach--the distant chime of the church bells from St. Rita's...

Today remember to take a moment for yourself.

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  1. What a beautiful thought! I love that you are spreading your own wonderful brand of creativity. You made my day!


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