Thursday, January 12, 2012

Orange January Design Profile: Joules Jewels Vintage

New this year! Design Professionals making it do what it do!

First up, Jillian & Elvis...

"Elvis and I met in 2008 and have been crazy about each other since. Elvis and I love vintage so much we decided that we would only buy vintage for our home. They just don't make things the way they used to. The design is unmatched and the quality of the materials is exceptional.

If we could describe our personal style, it would be mid century meets quirky. Perhaps “Art Retro” would be an appropriate term. With my background in art and love for vintage, I see beauty in most things. Elvis loves a good mantique, and loves the marriage of design and function. 'I LOVE that description. Mid Century Modern meets quirky. Why because design is no good unless you mix it up. Is your entire space all Deco? Mission? French? Well okay, I get it if if's all French, but if you're reading this blog, you know Heidi Klum & I DO NOT believe in matchy-matchy. MODERNISTS, ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN DESIGN STYLE!'

 We live in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. Look for Joules Jewels Vintage on Etsy. Elvis is extremely supportive and the best partner I could ever ask for. We are obsessed with every aspect of it! We have continued to refurbish furniture as well. Re-upholstery and refinishing have become really fun projects too. Joules Jewels Vintage is available at many fairs and festivals in San Francisco and The Bay Area such as Alameda Antiques Fair, Alameda Vintage Fashion Faire and Betti Ono Gallery. We are also planning on a few appearances near Los Angeles."

Jillian & Elvis

Joules Jewels Vintage
twitter: jjoules

Ok enough drooling-now go buy something!
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  1. So cool! I've eaten in that kitchen and it's totally charming in real life, too :)

    1. I'll bet!! The paint color alone looks good enough to eat!


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