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An Orange Moon Presents: MCM & Vintage Furniture Lovers Salon

Friday, February 24, 2012

Celebrity Upholsterer to Chicago's Design Community in conjunction with
An Orange Moon, welcomes guest speaker
"David Arevelo"

David from Comfort Upholstery stopped by and confirmed our Mid Century Modern sofa was indeed an Edward Wormley for Dunbar! He went straight "Furniture" CSI! He stated, I'm 99% sure. He began kneading & rubbing the sofa--following the lines. He stated, "there's fabric underneath!" I grabbed a straight-edged razor and made a tiny cut in the fabric. The original fabric was underneath!!!! A beautiful "nubby oatmeal" with gold flecks. Very 1960's. Un-frickin' believable! I knew it was someone, but couldn't pinpoint who? It had all the earmarks. It was from a Boca Raton estate. Down-filled. Solid wood frame. Vintage springs in perfect condition. I tried to moved it by pushing it with my knee--wouldn't budge. Solid as a rock! These designer pieces are built like a tank! The fabric was a custom "Floridian peach Shantung" aka RAW SILK.
Real old school...
At that moment customers came in and I promptly brought it down a thousand! There was still some action over by the sofa, everyone was crowded around. Tom Robinson from next door was there. Dean from Glassworks was there. Mike the welder was there. Mondre our little helper was there. Just a beehive of activity! And the best part? When I walked away, Ty continued slicing the new fabric on top until he found the DUNBAR label underneath the old fabric.

We had a million questions for David after that. Best statement of the day, "you know if you cut that fabric you're obligated to recover that sofa. It doesn't have to be with me, but you have to do it!" To that I say, I hear you cluckin' chicken!
 Why do I love vintage furniture so much??? I'll answer that question & more at the MCM & Vintage Furniture Lovers Salon Friday, February 24TH, from 6p until.
Thank you Comfort Upholstery. We were considering a Cinnamon Mohair, but I simply couldn't resist the French Oatmeal Boucle.

Friday, February 24, 2012
Show starts at 6p SHARP!
Put your smart phones to work! Bring furniture photo's for on the spot answers to all your upholstery & woodworking questions.

Party starts @ 7p
Complimentary cocktails, music, beautiful people, dancing...
Open mic question:
Audience participation encouraged.

An Orange Moon
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312.450.9821 or 773.664.3704


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